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Sylvie from France (Verneuil En halatte)
is a student of inlingua
French German
It will be a pleasure to exchange with you in english in order to progress !

Lana from France (Paris)
French English
I am just an old dying widow and am here to find someone for a very important task to help the less privileges and orphanages.

Samira from France (Orléans)
French English
I live in a multicultural ambient therefore I'm used to different cultures and languages.

Michael from France (Tournefeuille)
is a student of inlingua
French English
I learn English, it's difficult but I'm progressing. I would like to talk to someone and help them learn French. If you like sports and games we can talk together, and I'm open to all other discussions.

Francine from France (Nancy)
French English
I'm a multicultural woman inerested by art, litterature and photography. I wrote books and made port folios concerning places that could be disappear like the Casbah in Algier and the okd town of Sana'a.

Laura from France (Solliès-Pont)
French English
My name is Laura, I'm a 21 years old french young woman. I love music (listening and writing), and I like meeting new people.

Mario from France (Saint-Denis reunion island)
French English
I live in Reunion Island ! My mother tongue is french. I'd like to found friends over the world. Any race, country.

Marc from France (Toulouse)
is a student of inlingua
French English
I'm a team Leader in an aeronautical company. I'm married and I have 2 daughters. I like scuba diving, hiking in the pyrénées, running and swimming. Travel to other countries to discover people, culture, landscape, food while doing my favorite activities is a must for me.

Bouhafsi from France (Toulouse)
is a student of inlingua
French English
I'm an easy going person, I enjoy to exchange with people from different nationalities. see you soon on chat.

Adrien from France (Strasbourg)
French Swedish
Arabic Mid.E.
I am student of litterature

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